Our Story

We started as two high school friends with a passion for social entrepreneurship and environmental consciousness. Over the summer of 2016 we founded RE(CYCLIST) Accessories. We make accessories created from recycled bike parts, and raise money to donate bicycles to people in need.

The idea came about while Matt was working at a local bike shop. He noticed that many homeless members of the community would frequent the store in need of either bicycles or bicycle repairs; however, many of them had to be turned away because they could not afford the expense. It was clear that something needed to be done. Over our summer break from college, we teamed up to provide a solution.

Together we began using recycled bike parts, that would otherwise be thrown away, to handcraft our accessories. We partnered with Working Bikes in Chicago, IL in 2017, and we donate 10% of our profits towards their mission to give bicycles to those in need around the world.

We have recently added two Miami University graduates, Jeff Hochwalt and Vilppu Anttila, to the team as we grow the business.

We greatly appreciate your support in our mission!


Matt & Jack